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Your Ideal Choice For Driving Lessons
For Class 4, 5, and 7

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Not only do we teach our students to drive, but we also educate them how to look out and prevent possible accidents. We offer detailed one-on-one courses designed to teach you modern driving practises.  

- We speak English, Punjabi, and Hindi
- Patient and experienced instructor 
- We have an excellent Pass Rate. 

Why Choose Us? 

Experienced Instructor  

Our instructors are ICBC Licensed, mentally and physically fit, and have experience of more than 6+ years. 

Dual Pedals and Steering Wheel

Our cars are equipped with duplicate pedals and a steering wheel for your safety. 

Affordable Fee

We know this process can be expensive for new drivers. So we have an affordable fee. 

Best Safety Measures

Our instructors are Highly Trained in the latest Safety Techniques and Rules of the Road for your safety. 

Perfect Timing 

You can choose your training anytime in the week. 


We train all ages. Teens, Adults, Seniors   


What our customers write about us

Kulwinder Sidhu

"I passed my road test the first time. I had never driven before. Excellent training. I felt very comfortable learning from A-Max Driving School. Instructor is very friendly."

Simran Dhillon 

"She was a very nice and encouraging instructor. She helped me perfect my driving and ensured that I got my N on the first try!"  

Karamjit Dhaliwal

"She was super friendly and helpful. She did not hesitate to re-explain anything I was confused about. Teaches with passion. I would recommend her to other." 

Our Pricing 

Lesson Fee for Class 5 & 7 - $60 per hour

- Time starts upon pickup.
- Valid license required.
- Price varies if outside Abbotsford. 

Lesson Fee for Class 4 (Restricted)- $90 per hour

- Time starts upon pickup.
- Valid license required.
- Price varies if outside Abbotsford.

Road Test Car Fee  

- $160 for Class 5 and 7
- $190 for Class 4 
- Price varies if outside Abbotsford.
- Includes warm-up lesson.